Read through these example client scenarios to see how SPARKPLUG can help your company answer the same kind of questions faced by these startups or high growth businesses.


Client 1: (Services: Advisory/Capital/Technology Platform Evaluation)


You’ve got a product or service already for sale in a defined marketplace and are generating some revenue. Maybe you even have repeat customers. You get a call from a national retailer who’s interested in trying your “smart device” in all 1,500 stores. 


This large an order will require all the money you have held in reserve for v2.0 of your product. Do you go back to some of your seed investors, sell more convertible debt, giving up even more equity, just to cover this order? Do you instead try to sell your receivables and take a big hit to your profit margin?

When your customer service or help desk starts to get flooded with calls from the thousands of new customers, once this national retailer receives their stocking order, will the customer just get a busy signal? Will your IoT backend cloud vendor’s platform handle the load, from all these new customers, or will the system crash, and the new customer get “device can’t connect” error messages?



Client 2: (Services: Strategic Advisor/International Business Development/Capital)

Through social media, your product starts being seen by prospective customers in Europe or Asia. They want it and they want it now! 
Problem is, you haven’t even hired your head of sales for EMEA, let alone, started looking for international distributors or begun the EU product certification process. All of this will greatly accelerate your burn rate.

Do you try to quickly find someone to sign/sell an exclusive license or marketing rights to in single country to generate some extra cash flow or do you sell more shares on the public market?


Client 3: (Services: Advisory/Incubation/Mentorship/Technology Platform Evaluation)


You’re just at the early startup phase. You’ve built your minimally viable app, funded mainly via family & friends, and blown through all your retirement savings, but now you need to hire more developers to move it to beta stage. Where do you find them, or should you instead, extend/integrate your app and try to leverage an existing platform that has 75% of the functionality you were planning on building from scratch?